World Sub Sea Services

Underwater Inspection

Qualified divers in the submerged areas to detect and to take actions.

Hull Cleaning Services

Removing marine fouling and restoring the ships' fuel efficiency and speed

Propeller Polishing

Reducing fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of marine vessels

Underwater Repairs

Cost effective and time saving cutting edge U/W repair solutions

About the Company

World Sub Sea Services

World Subsea Services Private Limited is a leading underwater solution providing commercial diving company specialized in providing wide range of services that include in-water surveys & inspections, under water hull cleaning , underwater maintenance & repair, salvage & recovery and other specialist services to a diversified client base worldwide.

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Give us a call, send us an email to request any of our underwater services. Our service is available 24/7 to successfully handle the emergency requirements.

Our Operational Support available to cater your all requirements 24/7, throughout the year.

Anton Rodrigo


Office: +94 11 484 8095
Mobile: +94 76 245 6063

Mendis Mark

Manager – Operations/Marketing

Office: +94 11 484 8095
Mobile: +94 76 227 6259

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    We are a DNV/GL, NK, LR, BV, IRS and ABS Class certified Hull Cleaning company utilizing state of the art equipment. Our Divers are trained by international dive instructors and are ready to mobilize on short notice to carry out jobs at any Port in Sri Lanka.

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